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Somaliland Electricity Access Project Launched

Somaliland Electricity Access Project Launched

well-attended ceremony was held today (Wednesday) at the Ministry of Energy and Minerals Resources for the launching of the Somaliland Electricity Access Project (SEAP) and the dissemination of the Somaliland power master plan, which is funded by the World Bank.

The Project Development Objective is to expand access to electricity in targeted urban, periurban, and rural communities in Somaliland. The Project consists of three components as indicated below:

1: Electrification of households and small businesses through standalone solar home systems

2: Enabling electrification through solar powered/hybrid mini-grids

3: Technical assistance, capacity building and project management

Eng. Liban Mohamed Mahmoud, the director of the energy department in the ministry of energy and minerals resources presented the ongoing activities of Somaliland energy sector, starting by current review process of the national energy policy, giving an overview of the policy, the energy policy goal and its objectives.

Dr. Mohab , World Bank representative said that our main aim here is to support the government of Somaliland and the ESPs to be able to offer sustainable and affordable energy so as to enhance the economy and increase production by exploiting natural resources for the benefit of our people.

The Minister of energy and minerals resources Hon Jama Haji Mohamoud Egal In his opening remarks said,” Distinguished guests and honourable participants ASALAAMU ALEYKUM. This well attended meeting is to share the first ever document named Somaliland Power Master Plan, at the same time a project called Somali Electricity access SEAP funded by the world bank is being launched.

He added, “One behalf of the Ministry of Energy and Minerals I would like to welcome all the participants of this important meeting starting with the Word Bank who is the institution that has funded both of the projects that we are discussing today (THANK YOU VERY MUCH Mr. Patrick and Mr. Mohab) I am also thanking our other implementing partners, ESRES, the ESPs, the press and the academia.

The main objective of the Power Master Plan for the GoSL was to produce a roadmap to guide the introduction and establishment of affordable, safe, reliable and environmentally friendly electricity supply systems of the country.
This is the first version of its kind, at the same time it is meant to be a dynamic document and it will always be updated according to our needs in the energy sector.
The Government of Somaliland represented by the Ministry of energy and Minerals is extremely grateful to the Word Bank group for their support in the development of this important Power Master Plan for over a period of the coming twenty years.
The World Bank has not only supported the development of the Somaliland Power Mater Plan but also supported the efforts of the Ministry to deliver sustainable, reliable and affordable electricity service to the people of Somaliland through a project called Somali Electricity Access project SEAP in which we are launching it today.
This SEAP project will mainly focus on the following:
• Conducting rigorous analytical studies for the development of the energy sector which will complement the Somaliland Power Master Plan,
• Rural electrification and increasing the electricity access to the most needed.
• Sustainable capacity development of the Ministry staff and
• Policy and regulatory reform for the betterment of the sector.
It is evident that the partnership between the Ministry and the World Bank is really bearing fruits in the aspect of Somaliland energy sector.

On this note, I am very proud to stand here today with all of you, our prospective stakeholders in the Energy Sector, to launch the Somaliland Electricity Access Project (SEAP) and the dissemination of the Somaliland power master plan for the benefit of the Somalilanders.

Among those present at the function were representatives of the World Bank, ARDA, UNDP, local universities , electrical appliances traders ,  Somaliland Electricity providers  and others.

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