A dealership Licence is a document issued by the Department of Minerals which allows you to purchase or sell a mineral (either gemstone or industrial mineral).

Term and conditions

  • No person is allowed to engage in such business without legal permission.
  • Dealership Licence is only for local citizens.
  • Dealership Licence are not transferable.
  • Dealership Licence is valid for only one year.
  • Dealership Licence can be renewed for each successive year as long as conditions met.
  • All Dealer licences should be expired onDecember of the year
  • The Dealer License should Report to the mineral department in every three month(January, April, July &October)

Step One

  • Application Letter
  • Articles of association both English and Somali
  • Company profile (contains company address, mission and vision, core values, strategic plan and its background etc.)
  • Identify the qualification of the person responsible for supervising the Dealer program
  • Chamber of commerce
  • Public notary showing ownership of the company
  • Identification cards for shareholders.

Step Two

  • Registration letter from MoEM
  • Registration letter from Ministry responsible for the Trade, Attorney General
  • Bank Statement (Min US$3,000)
  • Registered office in Somaliland

Step Three

  • Pay non-refundable License fee
  • Submit completed Form one (Attached here)
  • Issued the Dealer License within 14 days.