To promote the development, strategically manage and safeguard the rational and sustainable exploration and exploitation of mineral resources in Somaliland in an environmentally responsible manner to benefit the nation’s economic and social development.


  • Exploration and development of Somaliland’s Mineral resource
  • Geological Investigation and Promotional Activities of mineral occurrences and deposits
  • Geophysical survey of Mineral deposits
  • Geochemical survey and analysis of samples
  • Engineering geology and geo-hazards studies
  • Authorization of Work plans
    • Reconnaissance
    • Exploration
    • Small-scale Mining
  • Processing applications for licenses and permits.
  • Maintaining records of annual work plans and relevant mining operations
  • Ensure license holders’ complains with the Act and relevant regulations
  • Maintain and administer the license data repository
  • Licensing and compliance with the Act and relevant Regulations
  • Evaluation of Minerals to be exported
  • Quarry site investigations for construction materials
  • Supervising all mining industry operations being carried out under licenses and permits in the country
  • Collecting samples from mining operations for quality analysis
  • Preparing quantitative and qualitative reports
  • Training and mentoring of Artisanal miners
  • Preparing Export permits
  • Evaluate minerals and calculate Royalties accordingly
  • Establishing national data-base
  • Collecting data, Interpreting, Preserving and disseminating (i.e. public and private)


  1. Artisanal Permit
  2. Dealer’s License
  3. Reconnaissance License
  4. Exploration License
  5. Small-Scale Mining License
  6. Mining License
  7. Retention License

The Structure Of Mining Department