Exploration means the search for Minerals and Deposits by any geological, geochemical, geophysical or related methods including trenching, drilling and sampling.

Terms and Conditions

  • Exploration licence shall be granted to both local and international companies
  • The duration of an Exploration Licence is up to three years from the date of issuance.
  • An Exploration Licence applicant must have the technical and financial capacity to fulfill the licence requirements
  • Applicants must adhere the relevant environmental obligations and other occupational health and safety standards as defined in the regulation.

Step one

  • Application letter
  • Articles of association in both English and Somali
  • Company profile
  • Chamber of commerce registration.
  • Legal certification of ownership (Sign in front of certified Public notary)
  • Identification cards for Shareholder of more than 10 percent (10%)

Step two

  • Registration letter from MoEM
  • Registration letter from the Attorney General office
  • Bank Statement (Local Min US$ 40,000 joint /foreign Min US$ 80,000)
  • To provide Geological Reports and Geochemical analysis.
  • Site investigation by geologist from mineral department
  • Work plan of the company (including environmental protection plan)
  • Registered office in Somaliland

Step three

  • Pay non-refundable License fee
  • Submit completed from one (Attached here)
  • Issued the Exploration licence within four Weeks