Wasaaradda Tamarta & Macdanta

Ministry Of Energy & Minerals



To promote and coordinate the development of Somaliland’s energy resources to provide affordable, sustainable, reliable, safe and adequate supply of energy for its people to support enhanced social and economic development..


To promote the development, strategically manage and safeguard the rational and sustainable exploration and exploitation of mineral resources in Somaliland in an environmentally responsible manner to benefit the nation’s economic and social development.


To create the greatest possible economic benefit and value for Somaliland citizens by managing the exploration and exploitation of the country’s petroleum resources in a prudent manner and environmentally safe and responsible way.

Admin & Finance

The Mission of the Administration and Finance Directorate is to manage the Ministry’s budgets, financial and procurement activities, and fixed assets in a sound and responsible way in support of the Ministry’s overall mission to develop our country’s

Human Resource

The human resources department is committed to improve and uplifting work culture, team integration, training and development, employee motivation, workforce empowerment, retention and data compliance.

Planning and Coordination

The Department of Planning of the Ministry of Energy and Mireles is responsible for, and is keen on planning, coordinating and monitoring the development priorities of the ministry activities of all national, regional and local authorities as well as development partners in a more coherent and organized manner.


To promote , use and utilize technology, so that activities become more efficient. that means we can lool forward to a better future.