Mining Directorate


To promote the development, strategically manage and safeguard the rational and sustainable exploration and exploitation of mineral resources in Somaliland in an environmentally responsible manner to benefit the nation’s economic and social development.

Function and Objectives

  • 1. Issue and manage various mineral permits including prospecting, exploration and mining minerals licenses.
  • 2. Oversee and monitor all mining exploration and exploitation operations to ensure adherence to licensing terms and compliance with the Mining Act as well as environmental regulations.
  • 3. Carry out geological investigations and promotional activities to attract investment in the exploration and development of Somaliland’s mineral resources
  • 4. Establish a national geoscience database by collecting, interpreting, preserving and disseminating the information for the development of the country’s mineral resources and for public and private use.
  • 5. Provide effective and reliable analysis and assaying services in support of the mining sector for institutional, public and private use.
  • 6. Promote the development and technical training of Somalilanders in all areas of the mining sector to assume key positions in the industry by  gradually replacing expatriate personnel.

Mining Sector Operations

Simodi Project

Somaliland is currently witnessing the birth of its mining sector, starting with the inauguration  of its first mine. A Beryl Ore mine has been established in the Simodi Hills, which was previously confirmed to hold potentially viable minerals by internationally recognized senior geologists.

The mining sector in Somaliland has been in state of stagnation for an extended period of time, and extraction of minerals has been limited to artisanal mining and similar procurement activities. Fortunately, now it seems the tide has turned in favour of the people of Somaliland;

Ministry of Energy and Minerals (MEOM) lead by Minister Hussein Ali Duale on behalf of Somaliland Government, has achieved what has not been by any other minister and has strategically managed to attract international foreign mining companies to come to the country

and develop its mining sector. A massive step for the fledgling industry.  African Resource Corporation (ARC), a Chinese firm with its head office in the capital city, Hargeisa has recently started a first phase mining project in the Simodi Hills. MOEM and ARC signed a production sharing agreement based on international standards.

MOEOM and ARC optimistically expect to achieve great success from the project and hope to successfully explore the Simodi Hills, whilst setting a good example for other foreign companies interested in the sector.  The mine currently employs 50 local staff and 15-20 Chinese engineers. A positive and welcoming environment has been established on the mining site among the employees, and ARC are working hard in establishing close relationships with the community. MOEM and ARC have also established a very professional standard of work in order to facilitate the progressionof the project. At present MOEM and ARC are engaging the community and through development programs such as inaugurating schools, hospitals and wells for water.